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Privacy Policy
Last Update: 31 July 2014

This Privacy Policy explains how Sejong Private Limited handles your personal data. This policy is issued by Sejong Pte Ltd, which also includes businesses such as Sejong Korean Language School (Singapore). This policy includes the collection, usage, storage, transference and disclosure of your personal information. Upon use of any of Sejong Pte Ltd or Sejong Korean Language School’s platforms, including our web and social media content, and/or registration to any courses in Sejong Korean Language School (Singapore), you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. For further Terms of Use for all Sejong Pte Ltd web and social media content, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Please refer below for a more detailed explanation of the Privacy Policy.

For further clarification of information on this Privacy Policy, do contact us at

Collection of Data

Sejong Pte Ltd required the following personal information for identification, notification, and student-record keeping:

1) NRIC/FIN/Passport No.
2) Name
3) Date of Birth
4) Nationality
5) Email Address
6) Mobile Number
7) Home/Office Number
8) Residential Address & Postal Code

Sejong Pte Ltd will use this data to contact Prospective/Current/Ex Students and other users regarding updates on student-related matters such as classroom changes, course updates and new intakes, and other matters.

Sejong Pte Ltd uses the Personal Data for relevant purposes including but not limited to:

1) Classroom Updates
2) New Intake Updates
3) Changes in Class Schedules
4) Enquiry follow-ups
5) Make-up Lessons
6) Certification
7) Student Related Purposes
8) Identification Purposes
9) School Related Purposes
10) Promotions
11) Collaborations with other Corporations
12) Data Entry
13) Collation of Data
14) Attendance Records
15) Course Related Purposes

Sejong Pte Ltd may transfer data to relevant branches or any affiliated corporations at any given time. Personal Data will be retained until a time period where the data is no longer deemed useful. Personal Data is stored in our database and is reasonably secure within the means to do so. In the event of any data leaked or misused based on any negligence by Sejong Pte Ltd, we cannot be held accountable. In the event of a security breach, a notification will be set on our website and emails will be sent to the addresses provided by you to us.

Any notifications or changes to our Privacy Policy will be prompted on our website. Consumers should expressly notify us in writing on discontinuation of the usage of the personal data.

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